Bodyworks Internationale Nutrition – Immunity Workshops

Bodyworks Internationale Immunity Workshop 2016

With the first session FREE, this 6-session program will focus on:
*Stress *Fatigue *Nutrition  *Environment *Mood *Antibiotics

LIVE Workshops held the FIRST TWO FRIDAYS of Each Month at 6:15pm at Bodyworks Internationale, Oshkosh. SAVE YOUR SPACE & SIGN UP NOW!

Purchase the complete series for $125
or pick and choose individual workshops for $30 per workshop

“I’ve seen so many individuals and families repeatedly go thru the process of running back and forth to the doctor, trying more antibiotics and feeling miserable repeatedly. So many people have grown accustomed to being sick and miserable that they don’t realize the options available to optimize their health and stop the cycle!”

Workshops held at Bodyworks Internationale
502 N Main – 2nd Level
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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