Bodyworks Internationale History


Of all the great histories of all the great health clubs, Bodyworks begins rather inauspiciously: in a 2nd level aerobics studio in downtown Oshkosh, WI circa 2009.

However, we are on an important mission – to make exercise fun. And, accomplishing this mission means doing away with traditional notions of what a ‘serious’ workout should be. What we do is invite a highly creative group of fitness instructors with a wide range of expertise to collaborate with us. The result is the development of challenging programming with a completely fresh slant. Offerings like hip-hop aerobics, MMA style training and stretch/power Yoga were introduced and, along with others, became the embodiment of this new approach.

The response is overwhelmingly positive, even by jaded Oshkosh standards. Members embrace these new kinds of classes and began to tell their friends about them who, in turn, told their friends who, in turn told their friends (and so on and so on). Soon, lots of people were coming to experience Bodywork’s unconventional new take on traditional fitness.

Fast-forward, more than 6 years later, Bodyworks is still a studio that believes in making serious exercise fun by fusing fitness and entertainment and holding true to a philosophy of No Judgments.

Headquartered in Oshkosh, and co-owned by Rick & Lynn Thurman, Bodyworks serves over 75 members with both corporately sponsored and locally owned locations (Bodyworks Internatationale) in our local communities. Bodyworks continues to expand our offerings! For more information contact Rick Thurman directly.